Friday, April 21, 2006

Capstone Assignment

Sorry for the lack of posting. I started my final class about three weeks ago and I'm busy working on my final project for my Masters degree.

The process of acquiring my degree has been a very long and difficult challenge. As with any kind of educational experience, its tough to really feel like you've grown. I never really felt like I grew through high school. While I knew I acquired new skills, I never really felt like I grew intellectually. Like the frog in the pot, my previous personal education had been a gradual experience.

But not this time.

With the pursuit of my Masters degree, I've very much felt stretched intellectually for the first time. Perhaps it is the other demands on my time, or perhaps it is the course work, but this has been an academic challenge unlike I've ever faced. I've done well, and I consider myself to be successful so far. I will be very glad to be finished.

I've also come to a very important realization. I've come 2/3rds the way toward a terminal degree. I may not have the time or the resources to pursue the final stage of my education at this time, but a PhD is very likely to be in my future. My mom has always hoped for a doctor in the family. However, I've always thought she meant MD.


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