Thursday, March 09, 2006

Life as it exists now

"May you live in interesting times." - Chinese Curse

Isn't it funny how life seems to demand most out of you when you least have it to give. I'm in my second to last class for my degree and there is about two and a half weeks left. The class I am teaching is just getting started and there are all the frantic e-mails being sent back and fort to reassure students that things aren't nearly as bad as they think it is. We're undergoing a major change in our management at work. Then, this past Tuesday my in-laws show up (surprise!) for my daughter's birthday. I'm managing the stress ok, but I long for the peace and quiet of an empty home.

My wife draws out of me some qualities that I'm sure are good qualities, but that are, for the most part, inconvenient. Her siblings are at the just past high school stage. Her brother is out on his own now (and even gotten married), but her sister is still just getting started. For both of them, we have opened our home and given them a place to live for very cheap rent (I wouldn't allow them to live with us for free). We did this with the hopes that both of them would be able to go to college with only part time work needed to survive. So far, neither of them have pursued an education. My wife manages to draw out a generousity that I simply don't posess on my own. Its not that I'm cheap or don't want to help where I can, but I just don't think in those terms.

Edited out for factual inaccuracies due to my frustration level. I will not let something like this happen in the future.

So I'm left in a quandry, one that has direct implications on my near future as well as my longer term future (since my final project is for a department I'm hoping to break into). Needless to say, my life is very interesting right now.


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