Friday, July 24, 2009

Declaration of War?

Go here and here first.

My first thought to these developments today is that they are typical of liberal Democrats ramming another piece of crap legislation down our throats. Then another thought struck me:

Could this be a Declaration of War against representative democracy in the US?

See Nancy Pelosi, and this Waxman character know this bill is filled to the brim with flaws, problems, and other things that ought to scare any freeperson in this world. There is growing concern, and plummeting polling numbers that show the more people learn about this bill, the less they like it. And that is what is so concerning.

President Eisenhower once said that "What is important is seldom urgent and what is urgent is seldom important." However, this kind of sentiment doesn't exist within the current leadership of our government. Fixing health care is important, make no mistake. However, a full blown goverment take over of a massive piece of our economy should only be considered after all other options have been tried and proven to fail.

So why is Pelosi, Waxman, and Obama so bent on getting this thing passed within the next week? The Senate, in a stunning act of sanity, has postponed things until the fall so there is no comprehensible reason for Pelosi and Waxman to be doing what they're doing. The so-called "Blue Dog" Democrats are doing their jobs, representing their constituencies. Waxman's pressure on them to roll over or get out of the way strikes me as a real step toward tyranny. When a representative cannot properly represent their constituents, we have lost any vestages of our representative democracy. When Pelosi decides unilaterally to ignore House procedures and force a floor vote, she has undermined the very nature on which our Federalist system is founded. This is essentially saying that unless you're part of the Democrat party elite, you are free to object until you're told otherwise.

I'm at a loss to see how this isn't a Declaration of War against our founding principles of how the federal goverment is supposed to run. Obama only got 52% of the popular vote. That isn't a landslide or a mandate. There weren't many blowout elections last November which means the mirage of a liberal mandate to radically alter our economy and our society just isn't there. Yet, Pelosi and Obama still believe the mandate is there and that mandate justifies any and all actions, any and all usurpations, and any and all methods to make their agenda happen.

Universal Health Care isn't something we can undo. Our government lacks the political will to change any of our existing entitlement programs (e.g. Social Security). Once Universal Health Care goes into effect, we're stuck with it no matter how bad it gets until the next violent revolution. I've studied enough economics to know that the law of supply and demand will not be denied and the proposed "fix" is long in ambition and has an extraordinary price tag, but when even the Democrat controlled CBO says this proposal won't fix a thing and, in fact, will make things worse, I'm left wondering "why the rush?" Why not work a little harder, and truly fix it rather than race a radical overhaul when only some maintenance and upkeep is truly needed?

I would expect that if this is successful, you'll see any remaining opposition to Obama and Pelosi's designs for America dry up and the only thing we can put our hope in is the awakening of the American people in November of 2010. If Pelosi and Obama have this little regard for their own people, what possible regard could they have anyone else?

Our fundamental representative democracy is in serious jeopardy. Those on the left have aligned themselves with the forces that want to see our style of governance destroyed. Even if you're in favor of Universal Health Care, do you find this kind of bullying acceptable? Is doing something here so urgent that we can't take our time and do it right? The actions of Pelosi and Waxman should be condemned by all Americans regardless of their stance on this issue. If it is allowed to continue, we'll turn into an oligarchy (see Orwell's "Inner Party" in 1984) ruled by a few on the top.


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